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Our Method The learning process

The learning process

The learning proces starts with a “computer” (loading) lesson. Within 48 hours (but never on the same day) it is followed by a  “teacher” (recalling) lesson.  Such pairs of lessons by 25 times set up a full Hungarian curse. From one to four pairs of lessons can be taken a week. On this way you can finish your Hungarian course within, 6-25 weeks. The course can be paused for even several months if your other activities make it necessary. We support you to reach the best result during your whole course. „Loading” – computer lesson Relaxing in a calming, quiet environment, light and voice effects support to maintain alpha brain status. Resting in a comfortable armchair you will read and hear the lessons’ text. The information received on this way is stored in the so called long-term memory of your brain.  „Recalling” – teacher lesson By the help of your teacher you recall and use the words and sentences received during the computer lesson. The teacher’s task is to support you to remember and use the information you learnt.